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Home Heating Oil

When you need dependable heating oil deliveries, there's only one company to call in Simcoe or Muskoka County: Sarjeant Fuels.


Propane is efficient, safe, reliable, and affordable fuel. Choose Sarjeant Fuels propane for your home heating.

Heating & Cooling

For installations and repair of furnaces, boilers, and air conditioning systems, look no further than Sarjeant Fuels!


Propane is efficient, safe, reliable, and much cheaper than electricity! That’s why our customers use propane for everything from home heating, hot water, and cooking to pool heating, barbecues, fireplaces, and more.

Our highly trained and skilled team also handles propane conversions and tank installations. We can have you up and running in just a day or two, with a new tank and, if necessary, new lines between the tank and appliances at no additional cost in most cases.


Our automatic delivery service is the best way to make sure you never run out of fuel. We keep track of your fuel usage and know exactly when you will need a delivery. For the most accurate tracking of your fuel usage, we can install a wireless tank monitor, which will send us an alert when you need more fuel. Every customer with a wireless tank monitor receives a “No Run-out Guarantee” from us.

Without the tank monitor, we can monitor your fuel use based on past usage and the weather, using our advanced degree-day tracking system. We then make deliveries accordingly, to avoid any risk of a run-out. We can also be proactive and get fuel into your tank in plenty of time if, for instance, a big storm is coming our way.
Automatic delivery is easy, convenient and FREE.

Enroll in automatic delivery and request a wireless tank monitor today.


Sarjeant Fuels is dedicated to providing our customers with the best prices for heating oil and propane. We also offer a number of convenient options and monthly payment plans to make bill paying easy and convenient for you.

Our 12-month EZ Pay plan takes the worry and uncertainty out of your winter heating bills. And it doesn’t cost you anything to enroll!
We calculate your monthly amount based on your usage over the year. It’s easier to plan ahead and save when you know what your monthly expenses will be, EZ Pay helps you avoid the unpleasant surprises that come from high usage during long cold spells.

For more information on payment options, or to sign up for our EZ Pay, call or email us today.



The Sarjeant Company is happy to announce that were having a birthday sale in honor of Canada’s 150th Birthday!


For Canada’s 150th birthday were giving everyone the chance to switch their home to an efficient and safe Sarjeant propane home. Were only charging you $1.50 to have our high efficiency propane furnace installed, after that were going to give you 150 FREE liters of propane, and give you a FREE furnace cleaning. So take advantage of this deal today, call us at 705 728 2460.









Never Run Out of Propane or Oil Again!
We Guarantee It!

We now offer a completely wireless fuel
monitoring system which uses satellites to
transmit fuel levels from your tank to us. You
won't run out of fuel - we guarantee it!

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